SOS Abejas


The aim is to raise children’s awareness of the importance of saving bees.

Maya the Bee and Greenpeace host a YouTube Kids area recommending videos with advice on how to help the bees.

Actress and Greenpeace ambassador Manuela Velasco supports the campaign at its launch event.

Madrid, 27 February 2018. Greenpeace and Planeta Junior, a European leader in children's
and youth entertainment, have launched the GREENPEACE & MAYA SOS ABEJAS campaign, to
raise children’s awareness of the importance of saving the bees.


In this campaign, Greenpeace and Planeta Junior are giving Maya the Bee the task of raising
interest in improving our environment and developing children’s ability to inform themselves
of bees’ importance as pollinators. Maya is seen as an educational benchmark by many
generations. Maya and Greenpeace share the same values of responsibility, nature, love,
freedom, biodiversity, exploration, adventure and joy.

The campaign was launched at Mood Serrano, Madrid this morning in the presence of
Greenpeace ambassador actress Manuela Velasco. Journalist Belén Carreño chaired the
discussion between bee‐keeper José Llaxacóndor, Health Coach Beatriz Larrea and
Greenpeace Agriculture Campaigns Manager Lluis Ferreirim. The event was hosted by Ignacio
Segura, Director General of Planeta Junior.

The campaign ad premiered on YouTube today, and thanks to a special partnership, Maya and
her message will be given a dedicated space in YouTube Kids where our heroine will
recommend videos featuring advice on how to help the bees.

Bees are vital for our planet. World food production and biodiversity largely depend on
pollination, a natural process in which flowers are fertilised and produce fruit and seeds. Bees
and other insects like butterflies and bumble bees are some of the main creatures that take
part in this process, yet their numbers are decreasing at an alarming rate, partly due to the loss
and deterioration of their habitat.

Please visit the official campaign website: and the section of the
Greenpeace website dedicated to bees:
agricultura/abejas/ for more information about GREENPEACE & MAYA SOS ABEJAS.


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