zak storm


zak storm

The latest phenomenon from the creators of Miraculous Ladybug had a triumphant launch on Clan.

The licensing programme has Bandai as master toy and agreements in place with major national and international license holders.

Zak Storm, the latest series from the creators of Miraculous Ladybug, achieved excellent ratings
on its Spanish premiere and secured its first licensing agreements in a programme managed by
leading European children’s entertainment company Planeta Junior.

The series launched on Clan, the pubcaster TVE children’s channel, in October 2017, and has
achieved above the channel’s average ratings, becoming their second most watched action
series in January.

Initial licensing agreements include deals with companies like Airval (personal hygiene), Artesanías Cerdá (textile accessories and innovative backpacks), Cife (art and craft), Claudio Reig (musical instruments), DitexMed (apparel), Dolci Preziosi (chocolate and sweets), Editorial Planeta (books and activity pads), Educa Borrás (jigsaws and board games), Jugavi (wash bags), Kids Licensing (gifts), K Stationery (Back to School for Portugal), Napies Heraclio Fournier (card games), Panini (stickers and official magazine), Safta (Back to School) and Viving Costumes (costumes). Bandai holds the worldwide master toy license.

The Zak Storm brand is based on the animated adventure comedy of the same name produced
by ZAG (Miraculous Ladybug) and Man of Action Entertainment (Big Hero 6, Ben 10). The series
is based on values of teamwork, friendship, self‐confidence and of course, adventure and
endless fun.

Zak Storm tells the adventures of teen surfer Zak, a headstrong, adventurous boy swept into the
Bermuda Triangle. Zak then discovers a magic sword that allows him to become a maverick hero
who fights numerous, unique dangers inside the Triangle. He sails the mysterious seas on an
incredible supernatural boat crewed by an enchanted sword that speaks, an Atlantean princess,
a thick‐skulled Viking, a neurotic space traveller and a poltergeist boy who likes telling jokes.

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